Customer Quote:

“I hired Information Technologies and Training to assume responsibility of the Accounts Payable for all of my office locations.  This was a great decision!  Now my focus is not so divided and I can concentrate my time on other things.  From entering bills, paying bills, reconciling bank statements and resolving any vendor issues, I know that the Account Payable process is now seamless!” 

- Kim Zadeh 

Norwalk Cardiac, Thoracic and Endovascular Therapies 

Allow us to:
Accounts Receivable

  • Send out invoices to your customers
  • Receipt in payments from your customers
  • Generate Accounts Receivable reports
  • Reconcile monthly bank statements

Accounts Payable

  • Establish and maintain electronic billing
  • Establish and maintain online bill pay
  • Process payments to vendors
  • Print and distributing checks
  • Monitor vendor statements and investigating billing or payment errors
  • Research returned checks
  • Process credit invoices
  • Maintain permanent records of backup documentation of payments
  • Provide follow-up services on outstanding payments and resolves problems which may arise


Companies today are continually being challenged to reduce costs, keep accurate financial data and meet complex regulatory requirements. It is imperative that accurate and proper book keeping practices be a part of your business.  To help with this, an ideal option for small businesses is to allow Information Technologies and Training to assume these responsibilities.  Our innovative and flexible Accounts Receivable and Payable Services provide customers with the ability to transform their Accounts Receivable and Payable processes into a predictable, organized and seamless procedure. 

Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable Services

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