This is a page for Remote Support
You must have a Technician on the phone to use this function. Please call 567-805-4147 for support.
Please make sure you understand your billing commitment when you are using this service.

Please read through the steps below to allow a Technician to remote into your machine. 

For Remote Tech Support Click the SOS Button.  

This screen will also have a download begin, it may be seen on your web browser like displayed here. 

When the Download is complete please click on it to initiate the download, this option may create a permissions box asking if you want to allow this, please select “yes”.
After you have selected "yes", the web browser will pop up an additional box that appears like this one displayed. 

The code that is displayed will be the code you will need to give to our technician to remote into your machine. You will be able to see the technician's email address and a red "Disconnect" button will appear once you are connected.  

When the work has been completed our technician will let you know and you may select the disconnect option at this time to close the program. At this point all connections will be closed off and we will no longer be able to remote into your machine. 

This SOS will open a web browser that will display a screen similar to this one. .